AMC RV Park Guidelines

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The following guidelines have been set up to help maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all residents to enjoy while staying at AMC RV Park. Our policy as owners will be to enforce these rules with authority and common sense. Thank you in advance for respecting the rules, and welcome to our park.
1. Rent and payments for electricity are due on the first day of every month. Each RV space is individually metered for electricity usage. The total amount of monthly rent and electricity used should be paid on the due date. If full payment has not been received by due date, a $25.00 late fee will be charged daily unitl the amount due has been paid in full. If payment has not been received within 5 days then the RV and any vehicles may be moved from the space without a judicial hearing by law enforecemnt officers and may be impounded until past due amount has been collected.
2. Rent may be paid by cashier's check, money order, credit card, or cash. A 3.9% processing fee will be applied to all credit card charges. Please make check and money orders payable to AMC RV Park.
3. RESPECT YOUR NEIGHBORS! Quiet time in the park will be from 9:00PM to 7:00AM. This is a rule where common sense should be used. You have a lot of folks living close by and you should not act in a way that would disturb them. Disturbance complaints will be addressed by management but tenants are free to call the law if they see fit... again, common sense.
4. All Federal, State and local laws must be obeyed at all times. This includes current registration on your RV and all vehicles. Loud, obnoxious, disorderly, dangerous or unlawful conduct or any action that disturbs or threatens the rights, comfort or convenience of others in or near the property will not be tolerated. Loud mucis, loud partying, fighting and such is not allowed at any time. Keep the noise level low. Violence or threat of violence will not be tolerated either and will quickly get you introduced to the county Sherriff and his deputes. Be nice, or leave!
5. No discharding of any firearm allowed on this property. No display of guns, knives or any weapons in any way that may alarm other is allowed. Keep these types of items in your RV.
6. Possession, sale, distribution or manufacture of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on the RV site or anywhere else on the property is prohibited.
7. Do not store any hazardous materials on this property. Do not dispose of hazardous material in the dumpster either... This is also on the property.
8. Do not drive fast or recklessly on this property. The speed limit is 5mp. Also, if you enjoy booming music in your vehicle please turn it down when you enter the park. Not everyone enjoys booming music. Be courteous!
9. No more than 2 vehicles per space allowed. No major vehicle repairs or car washing permitted on the premises.
10. No outside pets allowed. Please keep pets on leashes. Please clean up after your pets. Again, please clean up after your pets!
11. This park is set up for adults only. No more than 2 adults per RV allowed. Should you have children visit, please make sure an adult is with them at all times. Do not let them wander around the property. Keep children safe!
12. Keep your space orderly and free of clutter. Spaces must be kept neat, clean and litter free, including cigarette butts. If you smoke outside please keep your butts picked up or put them in a container... We don't want a fire started from a loose, burning cigarette butt. All personal property must be kept in the confines of your assigned space in an orderly fashion. Do not leave trash outside of your RV. Take all trash and put it in the dumpsters provded on the property. Management will maintain the grasses and tree on the property. If you have any problems with the vegetation please alert the management.
13. No major modifications to the spaces will be allowed. If you want to set up any additional structures please discuss it with management.
14. Water and sewer are provided and included in rental fee. All sewer connections must be securely attached to prevent any spillage or gases escaping. If you have any issues please contact management.
15. Residents may want to obtain their own post office box. You may use this address to receive mail. Mail is delivered to a rural route box down the road. No keys will be issued to this box. Management retreives mail from this box and will pass it out to residents. Alert management if you are expecting any large packages as sometimes they are dropped off in front of the main residence.
16. Dumpsters re provided for residents to throw away trash. Again, common sense and courtesy comes into play. Please don't stack large items such as furniture, mattresses, shelving, tvs and such outside of the dumpster. If it doesn't fit inside of the dumpster it doesn't belong there... Dispose of it eleswhere. Also, if you have large cardboard boxes please collage them before putting them in the dumpster. Large boxes take up too much room. And as mentioned previously, please do not dispose of hazardous materials in the dumpsters! These trash bins are subject to leak out onto the ground and we do not want to deal with any contamination!
17. Residents that have motorcyles, 4 wheelers, bicycles or any luxury item sitting outside of their RV are encouraged to keep them locked and chained to their RV to discourage the possibility of theft. This has not been an issue but it is a good safety measure to follow. Keep your stuff safe!
AMC RV Park wants everyone and their property to be safe and secure. Background checks will be pulled on every RV park applicant. We will not be held responsible nor liable for personal injury, accidents, theft or loss of property from any cause, including acts of nature. Management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary in these regulations. Tenants will be advised of any changes. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that violates our rules. These guidelines are set up to assure that this RV Park will be a safe, clean, quite and very desirable place to live. Thank you for abiding by all of these rules.
I have read the AMC RV Park guidelines and agree to comply with the rules as stated. I understand that lack of compliance can result in eviction of premises.
The second signature and date is for any second tenants applying for the same RV space.
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